Jean-Pascal Flavien

French, b. 1971, lives and works in Berlin

 Jean-Pascal Flavien,  Rose! The House is the Plan! , exhibition view, Galerie Catherine Bastide, Brussels, 2014

Jean-Pascal Flavien, Rose! The House is the Plan!, exhibition view, Galerie Catherine Bastide, Brussels, 2014


The work of Jean-Pascal Flavien develops by way of three main practices: experimental architectural, book publishing, and performance, in conjunction with other media, such as video, drawing, installation, and sculpture.

He started a work of design and conception of houses that each produces a particularly situation of living. A form of thinking gives rise to a form of living and dwelling, and the use if this houses conversely pushes further this thinking through the experimentation of the space, of writing, of films, etc.

Six houses have been made; viewer in Rio de Janeiro in 2007, no drama house in Berlin in 2009, two persons house in São Paulo in 2010, breathing house in Pougues-lesEaux in 2012, statement house in London and folding house in Monaco in 2016. Each house as a whole is a net where the lines of working are; writing and publishing (devonian press), furniture design (no drama house, two persons house),
performance (PLAy with the no drama house),)film ((sci-fi film with the viewer, no drama cinema with the no drama house), or music (little air, no drama house)...

Each houses proposes a specific perspective on the act of occupied a space,,proposing different types of interaction with language, space, gesture, or even the documentation of the activi-ties that take place within it. In each case, the architectural project speaks by way of companion pieces and articulates its premise by way of its movement into other media, other modes of communication.

Living or spending long stretches of time in the houses is a crucial in creating such a perspective. I live in the house, and thus create activities and objects that unfold the space.

 Jean-Pascal Flavien,  viewer,  2007, Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, 4 × 7,7 × 4,9 m

Jean-Pascal Flavien, viewer, 2007, Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, 4 × 7,7 × 4,9 m

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