26.01.2018 until 05.05.2018

January 26–April 28, 2018

Claude Closky pour Société, 2017

Claude Closky pour Société, 2017

26.01.2018 until 05.05.2017

Exhibition with Jérémie Bennequin, Patrick Bernatchez, Julien Berthier, Nicolas Bourthoumieux, Marc Buchy, Claude Closky, Hanne Darboven, Alec De Busschère, Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves, David de Tscharner, Mark Geffriaud, On Kawara, Joseph Kosuth, LAb[au], Peter Lemmens, Albertine Meunier, Roman Opalka, Bertrand Planes, Sébastien Reuzé, Yann Sérandour, Seth Siegelaub, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Noémie Vulpian


Time is the most difficult term to define in our life, since it is our life itself. To show or to reflect upon is already a paradox.’ Nam June Paik

We all know what time is. Difficulties entangle however as soon as we consciously reflect on time and to bring into account both objective as subjective time. Unlike many other notions, our understanding of time depends of our subjective perception based on an individual reference system which is differing of an exact, objective time notion. Time is such an elementary concept that while everyone knows what is pointed at, it is hardly impossible to describe it precisely.

Accordingly, the exhibition presents artistic models which challenge the notion of time from both different as unusual angles, ranging from objective models to measure and calculate time, to empiric exploration of natural phenomena, over the examination and interrogation of history, to the documentation of personal life experience and the play of individual mythology.

After the exhibitions of ‘xerox’ and ‘modus operandi’ this show is the third of a chapter reflecting on the heritage of conceptual art in algorithmic art. As such the exhibition is based on Eduard Hussels phenomenology of time differentiating the measuring of time (what he calls ‘zeitmessung’); rationalisation, and the awareness of time (‘zeitbewustsein’), subjectivation of our Zeitgeist.


Opening January 26, 2018 from 6 to 9 p.m

Exhibition on view from January 27 to May 5, 2018

Curated by : Société -  Manuel Abendroth & Els I.R.L. Vermang

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