Constellation of Forms and Processes: Manuel Burgener, Lorna Macintyre, Freek Wambacq

 16 November, 2012–19 January, 2013

Lorna Macintyre,  October Portrait , 2012, three mirrors etched by weather, each 80 x 50 cm

Lorna Macintyre, October Portrait, 2012, three mirrors etched by weather, each 80 x 50 cm


Constellation of Forms

and Processes

A constellation* is a set of discrete elements, placed (more or less) close together which form, when interconnected, another (more or less) identifiable figure. • 
"Constellation of Forms and Processes" reformulates this idea of interconnection, interrelation, and the creation of correlation between the three artists Manuel Burgener\, Lorna Macintyre⊙, and Freek Wambacq⊛.

Even if the practices and interests of these three artists vary greatly, there are, however, a number of similarities in their methodology and attitude. 
Their work is polymorphic; they assemble a variety of materials and use different mediums which they choose for the qualities⊕ they possess, and the opportunities they offer. 
Their works refer to multiple references, not to complicate the interpretation of the visitor, but rather as a way of leaving things open; to give anyone the possibility to find their own point of perspective, and in this way create a space for discussion. 
All three also question some aspects of the artistic practice; be it the authenticity of the work and the way influences are handled ⊗, the relationship between the author and his creation ⨸, or the definition of a work of art⊖.

Rather than an exhibition in the sense of a space in which something is presented, "Constellation of Forms & Processes" attempts to create a space for discussion. ⦾ 


*A constellation is a group of stars whose projections on the celestial sphere are close enough so that a civilization can connect them with imaginary lines, thus tracing a figure in the sky. A constellation then, is a particular group of stars. In three-dimensional space, the stars of a constellation are usually widely dispersed, even if they seem to be grouped together in the night sky.
• This could also be one of the possible definitions of a group exhibition.\ Manuel Burgener, Swiss artist, born in 1978, lives in Burgdorf.
⊙ Lorna Macintyre, Scottish artist, born in 1977, lives in Glasgow. ⊛ Freek Wambacq, Belgian artist, born in 1978, lives in Amsterdam. ⊕ Formal, aesthetic or metaphorical.
⊗ Recently, Freek Wambacq has been particularly interested in the question of the influence of art history on his artistic practice and the authenticity of the work. The pieces he presents for Constellation of Forms and Processes are in line with this thinking; they waver on the edge of influence, homage and copy.
⨸ The duality present at all levels of the production process of the work of Lorna Macintyre refers to her position as an artist and her relation to her work; to the way the boundaries between author and creation are handled and their inter-(in)dependence.
⊖ Manuel Burgener defies classification: whether it concerns his practice, his works or even his position. He explores the possibilities of the creative act and the limits of its application in the field of contemporary art.
⦾Manuel Burgener had the good idea to suggest a bar. 
Constellation of Forms and Processes , Catherine Bastide gallery, Brussels, 2012, exhibition view

Constellation of Forms and Processes, Catherine Bastide gallery, Brussels, 2012, exhibition view

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