Rolland Kollnitz: Attraction

 February 22—March 22, 2008



  Under the title ATTRACTION Roland Kollnitz has assembled a series of very different sculptural works in a loose arrangement for his first solo show in Belgium. 
The title creates associations with a market vendor's cry or a ringmaster's call, a theatrical highpoint with a drum roll, the attraction between two people, or descriptions of physical phenomena like gravitation and magnetism. Or are the sculptures themselves the attraction, in which case the title describes the artist's delight in handling materials and his assertive endeavours to achieve a sense of physical attraction with sculptures. 

In Bon Anniversaire (2008), for example, a wide range of raw materials from the sculptor's studio, such as wood, cardboard, various metals, fibreglass, plastic or cable, are arranged like flowers in a vase and presented to the public. 
In the video installation sculpture is great (2002/2003) the visitor can adopt a comfortable position standing at a stainless steel sculpture (luxuriously untitled) as they turn their attention to the video. The latter shows three people playing with magnetic rods and an assortment of scraps of metal to constantly create new sculptural forms.  Kollnitz's sculptures entice the recipient to experience their tactile qualities. By manifesting themselves as a physical counterpoints they always span the relationship between space and volume while integrating the visitor in the overall composition. The choreographic arrangements of the objects makes a coherent installation of the combined exponents. 


Exhibition views