Janaina Tschäpe: New Works

October 14—December 5, 2009

Janaina Tschäpe, Catherine Bastide gallery, exhibition view, 2010

Janaina Tschäpe, Catherine Bastide gallery, exhibition view, 2010


New York based Brazilian and German artist, "Janaina Tschäpe shares her forename with a Brazilian water goddess, and, not coincidentally, her photographs and performances-to-video feature sumptuously organic, watery, distorted female figures," writes Frieze.

Janaina Tschäpe continues to explore abstract landscapes in a new series of drawings and paintings.  She seeks to give form to the trance of art making, portraying not a dream world, but the sensation of being in one. Her use of organic lines and ethereal forms create a network of relationships, linking the process of artistic practice to lifecycles found in nature.  In Brazil, nature is overwhelming. Everything is growing on top of something else - there is always a plant breaking through a wall or a tree shooting out of the ground. “When I go back to the city, I paint with these memories. As I work, the paint seems to takes over”.  Large and expressive gestures coincide with intricate repetitive details using layers of lush color, constructing a space for contemplative exploration and open interpretations. There is an almost mathematical element to the composition with colour and shape, yet the patterns are gently broken with brushstrokes, a response to the cycles of transformation in nature. 


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