Gijs Milius at Dortmunder Kunstverein



der Kampf der Kinder

Solo exhibition at
Dortmunder Kunstverein

from September 6 to November 10

Opening September 5 at 7pm


Paintings, pastel drawings and sculptures by Dutch artist Gijs Milius (* 1985 in Utrecht, lives and works in Brussels) capture anecdotical moments, architectural details and/or alien figures in surreal environment. With a technique of color graduation, the choice of an unusual angle and a sense of plasticity, Milius creates in his images an illusion of time as if a movie camera has stopped for a moment. Hidden behind a peculiar humor and cinematic magic, Milius' work portrays both isolation and the absurdity of the things of life.

For his first institutional solo exhibition in Germany, Milius has designed a fictional office space equipped with computers, calendars, office furniture and a waiting room. With a self-made video game, photographs, drawings and an audio play, the installation captures with a wink the construction of the conventions of adulthood.