Art 2030 and the 17 UN Global Goals


Connecting Art and the UN Global Goals.


ART 2030 sets a bold vision to unite art as a game-changer for sustainable development. ART 2030 mission is to unite the universal language of art as the key to open people’s hearts, minds and imagination for the world we want. In 2015, world leaders at the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Global Goals.

They set an ambitious and transformative vision for peace and prosperity on a healthy planet and charted a course for how to get there. ART 2030 is a movement of visionary artists and influencers in the art world, who are determined to reinstate the role for art in a bigger world context and make their contributions visible for sustainable development.

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The Art 2030 logo

The Art 2030 logo